How Cabinet And Ministry Are Different As An Organization? Give Five Points, Which Of Them Is The Most Effective Body And Who Appoint Cabinet-rank Minister?


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Ministry is wider in its composition as compared to the cabinet, for all the servants of the crown are included in the former who are the members of the parliament. Hence four tiers of office bearers are part of ministry. The differences between cabinet and ministry are as follow:

1. All cabinet rank ministers who are heads of different portfolios such as minister of exchequer, minister of education, secretary of defense etc. belong to the first category of ministry. Some ministers, other than the in charge of portfolios are also included in the categoey and are given same salary and allowances as those of the cabinet rank ministers. But they are not regarded regular members of the cabinet, as they attended its meetings on special invitations.

2. Second category of ministers includes such office bearers as are not head of the departments such h as lord president of council or lord privy Seal. In every government, there are certain ministers without portfolios as they do not have direct administrative responsibilities.

3. In every government, certain persons are appointed as parliamentary under-secretaries, who are different from the civil servants. This category includes deputy ministers or ministers of state vested with responsibilities of those administrative departments that have huge responsibilities to perform.

4. Party whips of the ruling party in the House of Commons, approximately four in numbers are also part of ministry. They also get regular allowances and salaries.
5. Another category included in ministry, are different officials of the palace such as deputy chamberlain. All these offices are of political nature, distinct from the permanent civil service.

The number of ministers to be included in the cabinet is not fixed; it is the discretion of the prime minister to declare any minister of an important department as the cabinet-rank minister. As a matter of fact, cabinet is an important and most effective body within the ministry, as it supervises the whole apparatus of the ministry. The number of cabinet-rank ministers do not normally exceeds from twenty to twenty-two. During emergency conditions, there may be tremendous decrease in the total strength of the cabinet so as to make this body most effective and quick in decision-making.

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