How Did Human Beings Come Into Existence?


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The story of humans is really the story of life. Life evolved from replicating molecules and evolved into cells then colonies of cells then multicellular organisms... Like the root a tree with many branches, different forms of life diverged through geologic time. Some branches led to arthropods like insects and crustaceans, some branches led to mollusks like snails and squid and some to vertebrates. We are of the vertebrate branch.
The sequence of vertebrate life is basically fish, then amphibians, then reptiles and reptiles split into mammals and birds. Mammals branched into many different types including the primates. Primates diverged into a few types such as prosimians, monkeys, and apes. Apes diverged into chimps, gorillas, and hominids. Hominids branched into some different extinct forms and us. Homo sapiens.
We are not the end product of evolution. We are at the tip of one of the branches of the tree (or bush really) of life. We are special in our ability to think, reason and even question and understand how we ourselves came about. That is pretty special.
There are some who give credit to a magical supernatural creator for our existence and others who claim that we don't know. The truth is that the process of evolution is understood well and agreed upon by every legitimate biology or geology organization out there. Go to any non-religious university's website and check out the biology department page and you'll notice that evolution is the only science regarding the origins and diversity of life. It's only non-experts and religious literalists who claim otherwise.
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Nobody knows, but everyone has an opinion apparently. To quote a great movie: "careful not to step in the bullshit"

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That can be explained in many ways but I believe that no one really knows. Most people would say GOD put us here, I don't agree with them. I don't have any arguments against that but nobody really knows.
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Rain doesn't fall, trees doesn't grow, organizational couldn't form, but someone is always as a driven force or creator of these forms. So god has put us here with specific purpose and object and we have to think about ... All universe( logic behind its creation and so on...)
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I think is because GOD created us (humans) which brings us to live.
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I Have A Theory. Approximately 6, 000 yrs ago.. God Created the Heavens and The Earth. And The Earth Was Void And Without form. ...... And God Moved Upon the Face Of THe Waters, and Spake the land into Being...... HE Also Said"Let Us Separate the Waters.... Those above the Firmament... And Those below.* and I don't know which days theses events happened, except to say that when God Created the Lights... There was light, Which he Called day, And Dark, Which He Called night, And The Evening and The Morning, That was the First day. And He spake the Living creatures, Plants, And flying things, and Creeping things into existance. But, When He Made Man, He spit on the dirt and Made caly and Formed Him With HIS OWN TWO HANDS!! ("Let US make Man In Our Image, In Our Likeness" Said the LORD God Almighty.) And, When Adam Got Lonely, God Said "it is not Good For man To Be Alone. Go to sleep, Adam".... And Adam Slept. And God Took out a Rib, And Made Woman. Which is the Name adam Gave to eve. I think he woke Up and Said.. "WHOA, man!!! " And the name stuck.*(YES, That Means Earth Used to be surrounded by a layer of Water ABOVE the Atmosphere... Which filtered harmful uv rays, And Therefore, PPl Lived A LOT Longer. Take Methusela.. 969 yrs old!!and TALLER ppl too, Did you know they've found skeletons from 6-14 ft tall???)

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