Does Santa Claus -- Aka St. Nicholas -- Really Live At The North Pole?


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North Pole, Alaska, prides itself on being the ersatz home of the jolly old elf in the red suit.  The small town 14 miles southeast of Fairbanks and 140 miles south of the Arctic Circle has created an entire tourist industry around being Santa's home. Streets have names referring to Santa or Christmas. There is a fake North Pole marker about which reindeer prance, and you can take your kids picture as she pets a moose. There are innumerable shops in which to buy Christmas ornaments. You can buy a limited-edition, stuffed North Pole bear or a deed to one square inch of land in the town, with official documentation.  But North Pole's most important function is processing the thousands of letters U.S. Children mail to Santa, often with just the address "Santa Claus, North Pole." The U.S. Postal Service delivers all letter addressed to Santa to the town. More than a million Santa-reply letters have been sent from The Santa House in North Pole since the program began in 1952.  Hundreds of volunteers spend weeks in December opening and answering each child's request, sometimes filling the most poignant ones.  So, yes, in a way you can say that Santa does live in North Pole -- if he epitomizes the holiday spirit and selfless gift-giving.
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and finnish people get offended because eveyone says he lives in "the north pole" but he actually lives in Lapland, Finland
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Hey! I'm trying to find out the truth about santa is there really a santa or not because people telling me there is not a santa
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No people have been there and there is no sign of Santa Claus
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Before, I answer this question, I must know the age of the person asking this question.
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Santa lives in the hearts of all people young and old who are wise enough to BELIEVE in the magic of Christmas.
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He's Santa why would he tell us if he did then some retards could sneak in and still all the toys from him.
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Santa lives in the North Pole with all of his elves.
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St.Nicholas was a very friendly man-who always made toys and was giving to children during the Christmas season.He was and is not what is thought of him today.There is no santa clause,the only thing living at the north pole is a polar bear or 2.
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Some say santa lives in the sewers, eating the scraps of food people drop, and rats.

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