What's On The New British £20 (twenty-pound) Note?


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As of 2007, we still got the Queen -- Elizabeth II. Couldn't have currency without her enigmatic almost smile on it.

The "old note" had the Queen's portrait and a silver hologram image of the Monarch on the front. On the back: portrait of the musical composer Sir Edward Elgar,l with a view of the west face of Worcester Cathedral and the tomb of St. Celia. Silver strip in the middle, and a watermark of the Queen's face (hold it up to the light to see it).

The new note is still purple, and has the same portrait of the Queen on the front. But the purple is darker, there's a picture of the Bank of England, and the silver strip is now a bracelet width on the front (sequence of ovals with £20 written in them).

On the back: portrait of Adam Smith, the epitome of our economics-obsessed age, perhaps. There's a picture of a workplace, with a quote from Smith about greater productivity coming from division of labour.

On the front of the note there's a £ with the correct orientation, but it's in different colours and appears backwards on the back of the note. Soon someone will say that this is part of a conspiracy to slowly morph the £ symbol into an € (the Euro symbol).

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