What Happened To Europe During The Black Death?


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Well first of all a lot of people died. The Black Death was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It was one of the deadliest panademics in history. The bacterium was passed through fleas, the ones that were usually found on rats. The problem peaked in europe from 1347 and 1351. The main physical characteristic was the swelling of lymph nodes. Which looked like tennis ball size lumps, usually under the arm pits. The name the black death was given because of the color of the skin at the time of death. The skin turned blackish because of subepidermal hemorrhages. Europe's population suffered a great blow. I read from somewhere that people would throw the dead bodies of the relatives out in the street and some guys with carts would come around and collect them. After they would bury all the bodies in one big ditch or burn them. It killed almost half of Paris' population. An estimate of the total amount of its victims is from 75-200 million. That's a whole lot.
From what I've read about this time period I think it can be said that the main reason that this spread so quickly is because of the sanitary conditions of that time. People had the habit of throwing their garbage into the streets which attracted lots of sewer rats.
Since people didn't really understand where this problem had originated from a lot of people started to look for religious reasons. Because of this there was a lot of religious discrimination and burning of certain religious groups.

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