Why Did Prince William Break Up Kate Middleton?


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I heard or if to be more correrct I read in some magazine that they proke because Kate was flirting with on of Prince William's friend and was photographed by curious correrct probably hired by evil wicked stepmother Camila.Parker  when Price William saw these photos he go jealous and restore relationships with his this former girl friend some Jessica . Then it was big argument between Kate and William they blamed each other in cheating and broke up . But main reason why they broke up according to this magazine is fact that prince Wiliam not sure anymore whom he realy loves Kate or Jessica .Prince William refuse to mio stakes his father did and to mare with true love what makes his  a decent man
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Both these answers are wrong.  Carmilla D'EVIL Witch took photos of Kate's relative snorting coke.  Since this would 'tarnish' HIS rep (to be related to a drug addict), his grandmother said 'break up or no crown'.  So they split ... Because Grandma said so.  They're still in love.
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I think the reason why Prince William broke up with his longtime girlfriend is because he is not ready to settle down. Kate Middleton has remarked that Prince Charles is the one who put the pressure of marriage to Prince William
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Despite rumours that they were about the announce their engagement, Prince William and Kate Middleton have broken up. There are a great deal of rumours in the media about what has caused this, from media pressure to William and Kate's separate careers, to the seven year itch (that's how long they've been together for).

This is a very important decision and he cannot make the mistakes of his father, choosing the wrong woman over the woman he was in love with. That's certainly something that Prince William must be thinking of.

Kate's career in London and William's posting in Dorset has stretched their ability to have a relationship, but the immense media pressure certainly hasn't helped the couple in their relationship.

It seems like a shame because they both seemed so suited together but it is said that their relationship had hit problems and that it was best to call it a day.

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