What Was The Major Cause Of English Revolution?


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Almost all nations of the world have been affected by internal and external strife at some point in time in history. The causes for the conflicts are distinct to different cultures and people. In the case of many, the natives had to strive to throw off the yoke of foreign invasion and exploitation. In some countries, the people had to deal with internal exploitation, as was the case in Russia, France and England. However, through the annals of history, it has been chronicled that power and ambition took its toll on the common man. The power vested in ambitious individuals has always led to the warpath.

In the case of England, the years between 1642 and 1651 witnessed great discontent among the commoners. England has a history that is socio-religious in origin, which was also the cause of the English Revolution. The revolution was an attempt to reconstruct the social and political system, to create a new society. However, the attempt was futile in its stance to do away with monarchy. The major cause for the outbreak of the revolution was the attempt made by Charles in 1637, to enforce Anglican liturgy in Scotland. The reaction of the Presbyterian society was violent and they even raised an army. After signing the National Covenant, they went on to invade and take over territory in Northern England. The discontent simply snowballed within the contemporary society, leading to a major revolt.
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To what extend does the relative deprivation theory provides a convincing explanation of political violence and revolution?
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