Which Famous People Have A Birthday Today, April 24th?


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The famous people or celebrities with a birthday today, April the 24th are:

Staunch democrat, the wonky-nosed wonder, Barbara Streisand, actor, director, singer and producer is looking amazing for sixty-five, that's right, she could be collecting her pension! Streisand has one so many awards, she has even won two Oscars and directed FOUR Oscar nominated performances!

Shirley MacLaine is seventy three today. She was named after Shirley Temple. She was married once. She is sister in law to Annette Benning. She and the great Barbara above, celebrate their birthdays together each year!

Djimon Hounsou, (pronounced Ji-mon Han-soo) is an actor and model, only the third African to ever be nominated for an Oscar.
He appeared in several episodes of the television hospital drama ER and the Scott film 'Gladiator'.

Derek Luke is thirty three today. Star of Antwone Fisher, Friday Night Lights and many other films now. Luke is married to Sophia and they are expecting their first baby.
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I have a birthday today April 24th but my name shall not be said,but I am very famous,my cover name is Kim

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