Which Famous People Died In Ww1?


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British scientist Henry Moseley

American poet Joyce Kilmer

American major league baseball player Eddie Grant

British poet & writer Thomas Hulme

French writer & journalist Emile Driant

French pioneer aviator Roland Garros (first person to fly non-stop across the Mediterranean-1913)

British actor & singer Basil Hallam

British newspaper seller Ned Parfett (young newsboy in famous photograph of the announcement of the loss of the Titanic)

British writer H H 'Saki' Munro

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German painter August Macke
German painter Franz Marc
British dancer Vernon Castle
New Zealand Tennis Champion Tony Wilding (ranked world no 1 in 1913)
Italian Painter Umberto Boccioni
Welsh Poet Edward Thomas
English composer George Butterworth
French sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon
French poet & writer Guillaume Apollinaire
Austrian painter Egon Schiele
French sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
French sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon
Welsh boxer Percy Jones (world flyweight champion 1914)
Australian swimmer Cecil Healy (Olympic gold-medalist-Stockholm 1912)
US hockey champion Hobey Baker
English stage actor & singer Basil Hallam
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Lord Kitchener
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Woodrow wilson president of the usa declared war on germany

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