What Is The Postal Code Of Cairo ?


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  • There are many postal codes for Cairo
    Cairo is an absolutely huge city, hence every part of the city has its own different postal code. This works the same as everywhere else in the world. The postal code is there to narrow down different areas of towns and cities and allows for post to get delivered to precisely the right address.
  • How to find the postal code for an area
    The best way to find the postal code of a particular address is to ask the postman who delivers to the address you want to send the mail to. You could also go to the post office. In the office you should see the postal code written in bold letters at the top of the entrance, which should be your answer if the post office is in close proximity.

    You can also visit This website is able to provide you with all the postal codes within Cairo, and within Egypt.
  • What is a postal code?
    A postal code is sometimes known as a post code or a ZIP code. The code is a series of letters and/or numbers that are allocated to a postal address and they are used to sort mail at the sorting offices. Once postal codes were implemented, global mail became more efficient and other applications soon became possible.

    During 2006, 117 of the 190 member states of Universal Postal Union had implemented postal code systems. Countries that currently do not have national systems include places like Panama and Ireland. Also, even though Hong Kong and Macau are now special Administrative Regions of China, each of them still maintains their own long-established postal system which does not use postal codes for personal mail. Some countries don't even have postal codes, as they only use PO Boxes.
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