What Is The Zip Code Or Postal Code In Mauritius?


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According to the Address Doctor website ( Mauritius does not have the standard zip or postal code system which is used widely by other countries in the world. In a number of different forums across the internet, the number 742CU001 is being continuously mentioned; however I am personally not convinced by this. When this number is entered into any address finder, nothing comes up, even if you put Mauritius in as well so I stand by my belief that they do not have a zip code.

Since zip codes were introduced to allow the movement of mail to be more efficient and delivery to be quicker in the US, I would suggest that countries as small as Mauritius would not actually benefit greatly from such a system. In the US, UK and many other countries around the world, we use the postal/zip code system to show quickly and obviously what area mail should be delivered to. Mauritius, on the other hand, probably needs no more than Mauritius and a street name to get there without confusion. Once a place name and a house name or number is added, there is very little room for confusion.

It may even be the case that Mauritius introduced the above number to stop confusion when mail is being delivered from elsewhere (since other countries focus primarily on the postal code). However, even if this is the case it doesn't appear to work, as entering it into delivery address sections of websites or even searching for an addressing using it still draws a blank. So I stand by the theory that Mauritius does not use postal or zip code.

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