What Is The ZIP Code Of Mauritius?


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Mauritius zip code is 742CU001. The number for calling the country is 00230. These two numbers are sometimes confused with each other. There are no postal codes used in Mauritius though they have been trailed in the area. This trial has been limited to the Curepipe office but due to numerous problems there have been no plans to extend it to further use.

In the case of the code above, the first digit represents the district, the second digit represents the municipality, the third digit represents the quarter, the C U represents the delivery post office, and the last three digits represent the sector.

The Republic of Mauritius is the official name of the small island off the south east coats of the African continent. It is an island of 2040km squared and was given its freedom from the British Empire in 1968. It is still part of the Commonwealth of Nations and both Creole and French are spoken alongside English.

This is because the British took over the island after the Napoleonic war from France. The island is also renowned for being the home of the Dodo - a bird which is now extinct.

Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands along with RĂ©union and Rodrigues, both French owned Islands. The island was not populated by Europeans until 1638 but was known by Arab sailors since the 10th century.

Its capital is Port Louis and is suited to a tropical climate, where cyclones and tornadoes are not uncommon. The island is a tourist destination due to its amazing beauty and facilities. It also depends on fishing and other primary resources for income.
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742CU001 is the zip code.
+230 is the country code..
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thats the real one

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