How Many People Live In Quebec?


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There is more then 8,00,00,00 people in Quebec and Quebec city
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There is more then 8,00,00,00 people in Quebec and quebec city and that makes a total of both that montreal and Quebec are both the same bbut montreal has more little the Quebec does so they both are almost the same.
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Canada is as alluring as its famous neighbour, the United States of America. The country flaunts a diverse culture and a rich heritage. The current tourism and real estate boom Canada is witnessing has made it a focus of much attention and for obvious reasons. The beautiful land is explored on the celluloid in a number of films and documentaries. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Canada include Toronto, Ontario and Quebec.

Quebec is a province in Eastern Canada and is also referred to as 'the beautiful province', by the locals and visitors. Quebec is flanked by the Hudson Strait and Ungava Bay in the north, the United States of America in the south, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Newfoundland in the east and to the west is Ontario, James Bay and Hudson Bay. The total population of the land is 7,546,131 and the official language is French. Quebec is Canada's second largest administrative division.

Quebec is popular among tourists for the hospitality expended by the locals and the diverse flora and fauna flaunted on natural terrain. It features among the Top 5 tourist destinations in Canada and even individually. Quebec's proximity to the United States of America makes it a 'must see' for tourists on either side of the border.
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2 and half

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