What Are The GLOBE Program's Cultural Dimensions?


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The GLOBE project, however, ends up with nine key cultural dimensions:

(1) Assertiveness,

(2) Future orientation: A propensity for planning, investing, delayed gratification,

(3) Gender differentiation,

(4) Uncertainty

(5) Power distance,

(6) Institutional collectivism (individualism vs. Collectivism): Promoting active participation in social institutions,

(7) In-group/family collectivism: A pride in small group membership (family, close friends, etc),

(8) Performance orientation: The importance of achievement,

(9) Humane orientation: An emphasis on fairness, altruism and generosity.
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The GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness) program is an extensive research project, which is meant to analyse and explore all previous studies on cultural divergences and patterns and integrate all those researches on one single platform and also provide an approach to measure the magnitude of cultural differences. The basic criterion of the selection of countries for this research program was not fixed per se, nevertheless the one factor that was particularly taken care of was the certainty that countries should be selected in such a way that all major regions of the world get adequate representation.

As for the dimensions of the GLOBE program, there are nine of them, on the basis of which, the crux of the project was delineated. Those nine cultural dimensions are inclusive of uncertainty avoidance, power distance, collectivism (two forms of it), gender egalitarianism, assertiveness, future orientation, performance orientation and humane orientation.
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Where does the united states stand in these dimensions if you know? Where are our high points and low points as per GLOBE results?

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