Could You Discuss Trompenaar's Cultural Dimensions?


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Fons Trompenar's cultural dimensions were established on the basis of a 10-year research, spread over an arena of twenty eight countries. The cultural dimensions, thus resulting from this research have an analogical quality to them, which are listed as follows.

Universalism v/s Particularism (The belief of universal application of ideas and practices against the belief of adapting ideas and practices in accordance to the circumstances and situation)

Individualism v/s Communitarianism (The concept of people leading individual lives and caring and being responsible for only themselves against the concept of people living together and maintaining strong kinships)

Neutral v/s Emotional (A culture in which emotions are kept in check against a culture where emotions are conveniently expressed without any constraints)

Specific v/s Diffuse (Individuals having a big public space that they let others access and a small private space which is not accessible to everyone against individuals who have equal public and private spaces, the former guarded by them carefully as entry in the former could also lead to entry in the latter)

Achievement v/s Ascription (Culture in which people are rewarded according to their achievements against culture in which people are rewarded in accordance with their status)

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