How Does Imperialism Effect The Culture Of Both The Colonized And The Colonizer?


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Nowadays, when the world has become a global village and when we are heading towards attaining an international culture, there cannot live a culture, which secludes itself from others. What we have nowadays, in most of the countries, are hybrid cultures. These hybrid cultures are an outcome of the outcome of the era which we now call as colonial period. In the colonial period, Britain had its colonies all over the world and as it is said that sun never set on her flag. Being a colonizer it used to take its culture, moral values, rituals and standards of respect and disrespect to the colonized. The colonized, being the oppressed, had to accept those norms and ultimately those norms became a part of their culture. Similarly, the colonizer had its officers and diplomats working in the colonized areas and people from the colonized world used to visit the colonizer and therefore would take their culture to the colonized as well, resulting in the hybridization of cultures.
Many of the novels, plays and short stories also tell us about the same phenomenon. For example, if you read Achebe's "Things Fall Apart", you will come across such kind of hybridization and you will be able to see how the colonizer brings his own culture and how he tries to impose his norms on the colonized. Similarly, Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" also has the same kind of story to tell. Moreover, Ahmed Ali's "Twilight in Delhi", also remarks upon the same kind of phenomenon.

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