What Do The Symbols On The Royal Coat Of Arms Of The United Kingdom Mean?


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  The lion on top (the crest) represents the English monarchy, acting as guardian of the union, and of it's own position (the crown it wears and the larger crown it stands upon).

  The large lion on the left represents the support of ENGLAND, as well as authority and valour.

  The chained unicorn on the right represents SCOTLAND: Only a virgin (a person of pure heart) can tame this dangerous beast.

  The shield in the middle shows the three lions crest in two sectors (the symbol of the Richard the Lion's heart, and the monarchy since).  The harp on a blue background indicates Ireland, the red lion on a gold field represents Scotland.

  The plants at the bottom are a rose (England), thistle (Scotland) and shamrock (Scotland).

  The words Dieu et mon droit is the official motto of the monarchy, and means "God and my right".

  The other motto Honi soit qui maly pense means 'Evil upon he who evil thinks'.  This is derived from the ancient Order of the Garter, of which the monarch is Sovereign.

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