Do the Royal Family (any of them) get paid 'just for being royal' or is it dependent on their 'meet and greets' on behalf of the royal family?


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The queen and her heir to the throne Prince Charles receive most of their income from the government and their private Estates, their meet and greets have nothing to do with their income.

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It's called "The Civil List", and money is made available from the State for the running of the monarchy. Prince Charles' money comes from the Duchy of Cornwall Estates - extensive land holdings in the west of England where he owns and runs farms and lets other land to Tenant Farmers. He also sells wholefood in the name of "Duchy Originals". The Duchy of Cornwall (and the associated estates) will pass to Prince William, on Prince Charles' death. The Royal Family are all individually wealthy, but could not afford to run a monarchy, with all the trappings of State without the money from the civil list.

Note that the Queen has extensive investments both in the UK and the USA. There are tenant farmers in the US Midwest who probably do not realize that they are paying at least some of their rent to the Queen.

The queen also owns two castles Balmoral and Sandringham (the latter, really just a HUGE house). She may also own Buckingham Palace. They also own a LOT of other "posh" houses in the UK. (Kensington Palace for instance), Highgrove house.

If the Queen were able to realize her assets, she would be comfortably the wealthiest woman (and once of the wealthiest people) in the world. Selling the Crown Jewels, the extensive art collections, and the real estate is of course never going to happen.

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