What Is Advantages & Disadvantages Of Media In Our Life?


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There are many, many advantages and disadvantages of media, so I will cover a few for each.

Advantages: Education and keeping up with world events, exposure to different cultural aspects, broadening of experiences, and its a positive form of entertainment in moderation (reading/watching TV/listening to music instead of out getting into trouble), etc.

Disadvantages: Desensitization to violence, exposure to drug use (seeing or hearing about it), stress from certain types of media (like hearing too many scary things from the war or the economy), possibility of weight problems if too much time is spent in front of the TV or computer, potential lack of social skills if media usage leads to isolation, etc.
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I think the advancement of the media communication in Malaysia has a number of advantages like it has increased the development of the technology in Malaysia, it fostered the media communication education there, led to the economic advancement and many such others.
However, disadvantages include the poverty in Malaysia, lack of infrastructure, poor acceptance of people, cultural issues and many others.
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Assuming you mean Broadcast Media, the single most important function of Media is to report events as they are happening. The advantage of this is that more people can be informed and therefore involved in the happenings of the day. But like any other facet of life these wonders can be corrupted by those with their own agenda. That is to say that a news agency can choose to omit some things from their broadcast to place a particular "spin" on the events. Using 9-11 as an example: Everyone saw the planes crash into the buildings but none REALLY knows why this happened. Same with the assignation of JFK. Information can be repressed or expounded to create misinformation that leaves us all wondering why.
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I just saw two hours of Barbara Walters on ABC tonight, first hour was with Oprah, second hour was with all idiots, with the exception of Betty White (my opinion).
Wouldn't this two hour block have been better spent with hard hitting in depth news?
About ANYTHING other than Hollywood pieces of ...
I mean the world is melting into a pot of crap stew..... Could they have dedicated those two hours to perhaps educating us on how it got to this point, or at least teaching us Chinese for our future jobs :)
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Disadvantage of traditional mass media in Nigeria
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Some of the advantages are that people can just about get information on anything instantly today. That there are constant updates to current events. Being informed and being able to be involved through media is great but some of the disadvantages are what I like to call the fear factor. The media wants to show whats interesting and going to get eyes on their chanel which is usually violence of some kind making society feel like this is happening everywhere and much more often then it used to which is not necessarily true. Also the information being given can be one sided or incomplete.

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