When Was The Indian National Congress Founded?


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In the year 1885, the Indian National Congress was found by a British man named Sir Octavian Hume. The major idea behind the establishment of the Indian National Congress was to create a platform on which the British and the Indians (both Muslims and Hindus) could interact – this, in turn, would lead to the establishment of understanding and amiability between the British Empire and the Indians in order for the British to continue their rule in a more effective and successful fashion. Since Muslims were a minority, the notion of representation in Congress based on a democratic form of government, was of no benefit to them and as a result Hindus were the dominant party in the newly formed political party. This was the inception of many more altercations between the Muslims and the Hindus. The demand of a competitive post for government posts (which would have gone against the Muslims as there were few Muslims who were well-educated in the worldly dimension) and the demand of the replacement of Urdu by Hindi were to name a few.

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