How Can I Check If Someone Is On The Electoral Roll?


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You can find out if you are or anybody in your acquaintance is on the electoral role by checking the copies of the electoral register. Most of the public places in your locality would have copies of the electoral register. The local post office is a very good place where you can find the copy of the electoral register and check whether your name is there or not in that register. Checking out the local libraries, town parishes and such other places can also yield successful results.

You can also fill in your nomination forms if you are interested in contesting for the post of a councillor of your town council from these places. Remember to check out the names and ensure that you get to vote because it is your right as well as your duty to do so. One vote can make a lot of difference in a democracy and democracy can be successful only through active participation of the citizens of the country.
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Don't know how to find some one on the electoral roll when I put they name in I can't find them

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