What Is The Disadvantages Of The Information Age?


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Whilst there are obviously many advantages to the information age, some of the disadvantages include

  • People can be misinformed by incorrect information online which has no policing.
  • Criminals and people with an axe to grind can find information that is not for the greater good (pedophiles, race hate groups etc.
  • Copyright items are hard to police. For example, if I find a tutorial online I could sell it on to someone else. It is illegal and I may well get caught, but there is a chance I wouldn't and that is no fair to the true owner and writer of the material.
  • Online communication can highlight the differences between rich and poor nations. We can freely surf whereas some countries are restricted. We have up to date equipment yet other countries are using out of date technology.
  • Talking of other countries, what is legal in one country is illegal in another which can also cause conflict.
  • Although the internet gives small companies a place to establish themselves, they are often overshadowed by the larger, successful organisations.
  • Hackers can steal sensitive information and data, both from members of the public and government offices.
  • Viruses can be created quickly and spread even faster.

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