What Are The Problems Of Integration In Pakistan?


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I think the great problem in political sphere of pakistan is povincialism and ethnical bases.
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Pakistan's society is composed of various geographical, linguistic, cultural communities that display a lot of difference in attitude, outlook, conduct, behaviour and way of life. There are linguistic groups as Punjabi, Baluchi, Pathan and Sindhi who display obvious distinction and differences among themselves with respect to the languages they speak and, to some extent, the way they lead their lives. Besides above, other divisions are obviously powerful hindrances in the way to national integration as our western educated elite and those educated in religion and theology.

The said western educated elite are a pre-dominant minority class, a symbol of the continuation of the ruling elite of the pre-independence days. They belong to the affluent and the prosperous section of our society and form a mighty force, to be found at the top echelons of our administration. These small segments of society began to adjust themselves to the new dynamics divorced from the moral principles and great traditions of their religious faith with their economic, social and intellectual modernization leadership in matters of religion and its classifiable tradition rested in a somewhat conservative class, namely lemmas who continued to remain relatively unaffected by new conditions.

The bifurcation has become fundamental to our whole social order and has petrified our national life, and has given rise to many intricate and complex problems of adjustment and integration.

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