How Can You Cure A Speaking Problem? For Example, Some People Stop At Some Words, I.e R, L, D, E...?


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There are a great number of people in the world who struggle with speech problems. Often they feel that they are alone. They may be surprised to find that they are not at all alone. There are many associations and groups which have been formed to help people with speech issues. The British Stammering Association is one group. Also, in the United States, there is a theatre group called Our Time for young actors and actresses who stutter. These are just a couple of examples. No matter what your problem, chances are, there is a group or service to help you. There are even Internet forums to help those who struggle with speech. In the UK, the NHS may provide speech therapy sessions. It is best to see your GP for a possible referral to such services. There are many therapies and forms of practice that help to improve speaking.
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I found myself while speaking stop mostly for the word "P" ,, when I found myself alone  I can speak fluently with myself but in public area,, suffer lots of problem. Sometimes I  use some inappropriate words instead of what I want to speak. Please suggest some remedial.
Some people have this problem. My friend is also suffering this problem but someone advised him for speech therapy ,I think it's very common. Speech therapy can overcome this problem.
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