Can You Explain Something About Social Problems?


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Social problems are the most important things to be solved by us and our society. These problems do not relate with others, they relate with us and our people our society and our country. All social problems are interrelated. The factors causing these problems are almost the same. Some of Asian countries are developing countries and facing problems like over population, illiteracy which further standout the other social problems. It causes or we can say its defects are high crime rate, child abuse, injustice, corruption unemployment, and poverty and health problems.

One of the basic reasons is the lack of awareness among the masses. If one can see such problems but do not know about the solution of these problems is lack of awareness and carelessness of society who do not take interest to make people feel easy in their own lives. Many people are not educated regarding certain topic which is considered as social taboos.
We do not value education and don not take the necessary steps to get rid of these problems. Every single citizen has the basic right to have basic needs one hundred and one other needs and necessities of life.
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Social is a word derived from society. Society is a system prevailing by a person. It is all about milieus around us. It is to show our surroundings and our limitations. A society can be of many types. Its type can be identified by its location, religion, country, creed, caste and people. All these factors combine give rise to a specific society.
Society can have a couple of problems as well. They can be simple to complex. It has a number of types and its sub-types. All of them do not belong to a single type. It may be of many types. Its types can be ramified on the base of problem type. Some of the problems emerge due to creed and religion. A society never compromise on religion. They force others to respect the dominant religion in the area. Other problems can be educational. A girl is not allowed to go for study if she belongs to a strict society. A person who is prevailing hi-fi society must have problem to hide its low status all the time.

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