What Are The Main Social Problems In Nepal?


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Nepal is facing a number of social problems. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Poverty
  • Lack of educational structure/system
  • Human trafficking
  • Institutional corruption
What are the social problems that Nepal is facing? Every country has its own social problems - and Nepal is no different. In my opinion, the most pressing problem that the country needs to tackle is the level of poverty of its people.

I'd say this is the most important problem, because I believe that poverty is the keystone to all sorts of other social issues. If Nepal was able to raise the standard of living for its people, I'm certain many related social issues would then be easier to tackle.

Education is another serious concern for Nepal. Levels of illiteracy are very high, and many children do not even attend schools.

Whilst this certainly presents problems for modern Nepali society, it also means that Nepal lacks a solid future-generation on whom the country can rely for progress. So, unless education is improved in the country, Nepal's social issues will remain significant for years to come.

Nepalese social issues
Human trafficking is another problem that affects Nepali society. Forced prostitution, and the exploitation of minors is still far too prevalent within the country.

Yubaraj Sangroula has published a very revealing report about the subject which you can read here.

Finally, corruption is another social problem that Nepal needs to address. From government ministers to police officers, bribery and corruption is still a big issue.

If you've ever dealt with a Nepalese traffic cop, you'll know what I mean!
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The major social problems in Nepal are:

  • Regional Disparity
  • Girls Trafficking
  • Drug Addiction
  • Ignorance of the people
  • Shameful literacy rate
  • Corruption
  • Dowry System
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  • Gender Discrimination
  • Girl Trafficking
  • Gambling
  • Lack Of Education
  • Untouchability
  • Child Labor
  • Poverty
  • Kidnapping

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drugs addicction


dowry system

religious belife

gender unequality

load shedding

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Child Labour

Domestic Violence




Gender Discrimination

Caste Discrimination



Girl Trafficking



Drug Addiction

Language related problem


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