What are some of the social or social psychological problems in US? For instance, domestic violence, or low marriage rate?


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-Teen mothers increasing during today's generation. Lack of knowledge or education is unlikely among the causes but mostly lack of self organize and reckless behaviors.

-Lack of care of mentally ill citizens. There are many supports but we need more and society across the country must be more educated about how to handle and encounter the subject.

-Lack of support of veterans. Again, there many supports govern and people. But still huge numbers runs out of the sight which we need to reach the point where every single veteran who defended our country and flag gets covered.

-Justice department disability. This problem occur all around the world like many other issues i've addressed already, but this particular issue is getting out of control. Many gets caught up due wrong judgement. We need correct steps to makes it right.

-Racism issue is still on the sight once in a while across the country, we need more people like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to end this narrow minded philosophy.

-We facing domestic violence nowadays, i wanna point out certain violence, for instance, one example would be, those people who attack planned parenthood facilities to force their own personal belief down to people's freedom of choice and living.

It could be some more but it would go too long to name every single aspect of the issues which each country has their own to face and many others issues that from the outlook of another person would count as an issue but not in mine.

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Dear Anon,

A couple more problems in addition to Matt Radiance's excellent list...

1. Mass incarceration of U.S. Citizens. Also, the prisons don't seem to be helping much because the rate of recidivism is so high.

2. Over the last few decades, a massive transfer of wealth from the middle classes (especially) to the upper classes; the rich getting richer, the middle classes becoming poor.

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Actually ... The marriage rate is TOO HIGH, based on the divorce rate.

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