Can You Explain Stages Of Socialization?


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Socialization is the process of learning one's culture and ways of living in that culture. There arfe six basic stages or forms of socialization which are:
Reverse socialization:
Developmental socialization: Is development of social skills.
Primary socialization: It is when people learn attitudes, values and actions of the culture.
Secondary socialization: Is learning the appropriate behavior as member of smaller group within a society.
Anticipatory socialization: When a person rehearses for future occupations and relations.
Resocialization : Discarding former behavior patterns and adapting new ones.
For more details see the link below:
Stages of Socialization
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The most important is code of honor.People with out the code make a supression and apply fear on the mass. This is first stage of Socialization.Take owning stuff from owners brink down the morals.

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