What Are The Two Main Cultures In Mexico?


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Mexico is a country that is located in North America. Mexico is bounded to the north by the United States of America.The United Mexican States make up an internationally recognized Constitutional Republican Federation of a total of thirty one states and a federal district called Mexico city. Mexico city is one of the most populous cities in the world.

The local culture of Mexico is very vibrant and it is a reflection of Mexico's complex history. The history of Mexico is also the binding force between the two main cultures within the land, the pre-Hispanic Meso-American culture and the culture of Spain, the hispanic culture. The latter is the result of Mexico's three-hundred-year colonization by Spain.

The colorful Mexican culture is the result of a historical era of violent and peaceful exchange of ideas. It is the reflection of the assimilation of exogenous cultural elements and the interpretations of endogenous cultures. When Mexico became an independent nation, it had the task of slowly creating a national identity for itself. Mexico is an ethnically diverse country and the two cultures live in perfect harmony, marked by economic progress and peace and the development of the arts and the unique philosophy of each.
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The culture of Mexico shows the blend of the history of Mexico, through the mixture of pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican civilizations and of the culture of Spain. The pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican civilizations and the culture of Spain are the two major cultures of Mexico, which were related during Spain's 300 years of establishment of Mexico. The Mexican culture has also been influenced by the American culture and to a little extend it has also been influenced by the culture of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The term Hispanic Culture is basically used to rectify the establishment of culture in Spain and also the places which at that time were a part of its Empire, which includes Mexico and Peru which were a part of New Spain and the Viceroyalty of Peru.

The Spanish Culture has its major concentrations in Celtiberian, Latin and Semitic influences. In accordance to all this, the nations history and its Mediterranean and Altantic environments have played a major role in putting the culture of Mexico in proper shape. Spain is a very beautiful country, it's a mountainous country which is located in the southwest of Europe. This country consists of many different kinds of geographical regions and is best known for its cultural heritage, which is influenced by so many nations and different people throughout its own history.

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