How Do You Define The Scientific Approach To The Study Of International Politics?


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On the other hand the scientific or the behavioral approach for the study of international politics, which became popular in the wake of the Second World War, lays more emphasis on the methods of study rather than the subject-mailer. This approach is based on the simple proposition that international .politics like any other social activity involves people and hence it could be explained by analyzing and explaining the behavior of people as it is reflected in their activities in the field of international relations. The scientific approach applies scientific method and ignores the boundaries of orthodox disciplines. It insists that central aim of the research should be to study the behavior of men.

A notable feature of this approach is that it is inter¬disciplinary and draws from various social sciences like sociology, psychology and anthropology. The scientific approach differs from the traditional approach in so far as there is a definite trend away from description, legal analysis and policy advice. Its objective has not been to assess the main issues in the cold war or describe current international developments, but to create explanatory theories about international phenomena, and in some cases, even to propose the development of a general and predictive science of international relations". In short, it can be said that the scholars who are concerned with the substance rather than the method adopt classical approach, while the scholars who are concerned with the method rather than the substance adopt scientific approach. However, it would be wrong to assume that these two approaches are necessarily incompatible.

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