What Is The Scope Of International Relations?


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It is known by now that international relations encompass a myriad of
discipline. Attempts to structure and intellectualize it have often been
thematically and analytically confined to boundaries determined by data.

The core concepts of international relations are International Organization,
International Law, Foreign Policy, International Conflict, International
Economic Relations and Military Thought and Strategy.
International/Regional Security, Strategic Studies, International Political
Economy, Conflict/War and Peace Studies, Globalization, International

Moreover it covers , state sovereignty, ecological sustainability,
nuclear proliferation, nationalism, economic development, terrorism,
organized crime, human security, foreign interventionism and human rights.

These have been grounded in various schools of thought (or traditions)
notably Realism and Idealism.
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The scope of international relations has greatly expanded in modern times. Initially international relations were concerned only with the study of diplomatic history. It concentrated on the study of contemporary foreign affairs with a view to draw certain lessons. Later on emphasis began to be laid on the study of international law and international relations began to be studied within the framework of international law. The field of the study of international relations was further widened with the establishment of the League of Nations after the First World War and the study of international organizations and institutions was also included within its purview.

The scope of international relations in the post World War II period got further widened due to significant changes which took place, viz., the emergence of USA and USSR as two superpowers; the entry of a large number of non-European states into the society of nations; the danger of thermo┬Čnuclear war; increasing interdependence of states and rising expectations of the people in the under developed world, etc. Greater emphasis began to be placed on scientific study of international relations, which led to development of new methodologies and introduction of new theories in the study of international relations.
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BS in business adminstration and Masters in international relationship is it a good combination?
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International relations helps in foreign services and diplomatic issues which are concerned with your country.

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