What Are New Year's Celebrations, Preparations And Customs In Pakistan?


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The New Year is celebrated by two ways in Pakistan. There is a group of people who follow the traditional zeal of Islam and there are also those follow to the foot steps of West.

New Year is celebrated in Pakistan in an Islamic manner; the good Muslims do not follow non-Islamic customs. Our religion guides us to worship God on such occasions. On this day the people of our country wish New Year to one another. The devoted Muslims pray to God begging forgiveness for their sins. The children ask their elders to pray for their success in life. The parents and elders give gifts to the youngsters. The people do not celebrate a holiday.

A small number of people celebrate the New Year celebrations in an non-Islamic manner. They arrange feasts and dance parties. They play games, watch movies and enjoy delicious dishes. Some explode fire crackers to announce the arrival of New Year. Some visit families and friends. But many are those who lost their self-control on this day and forget the respect of elders. In this way they waste their money and time.

We should advise such people to worship God. We should ask them to spend their money for welfare and well being of the people. They can spend this money on the marriage of a poor girl or they can feed the hapless families. They can do charity. They can spend money on the education of destitute children. Worship and service to human beings are the bright ways to pleasure and eternal success.

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