What Was Neoclassicism?


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Neoclassicism can be defined as a movement in the period between 18th and 20th centuries that tried to instil newness in each of the artistic expressions over the art forms that had already achieved canonical status or were referred to as Classics. Thus, the exponents of this movement accepted the classics as the perfect form of art and literature, but did not try to reproduce them. Instead, keeping the classics as the base form of art and literature, the neo-classicists tried to synthesize the classics in new art forms.

Neoclassicism consisted of several distinct movements in all forms of art including visual art, theatre, literature, architecture and music. In general, Neoclassicism in all art forms was a movement to keep the perceived purity of art and was a reaction against the existing art forms that were perceived as deviations from the classical styles. The classic styles followed by neo-classicists were the Roman or Greek forms of art.

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