Can You Explain The Main Achievements Of The Delhi Sultanate.


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The Delhi Sultanate lasted from 1206 till 1526. During this period four dynasties ruled over the country. Most of the rulers were powerful and gave India firm and stable governments with good administration. The rulers of Delhi Sultanate protected India from the attack of Mongols from the northwest. But the cultural effects and achievements were more lasting.

The Muslim rulers brought Arabic and Persian languages. Words of Arabic and Persian were mixed with local languages and produced a new language which was later known as Urdu. Urdu started taking shape during the Sultanate period.

Considerable amount of Persian literature was produced and the local languages also progressed. History writing which was unknown in India was introduced by Muslim rulers such as Minhaj-us-Siraj and Ziauddin Bardi. Ameer Khusro was a poet who lived during Alauddin Khilji's court and was famous for Hindi and Persian poetry.

Muslim rulers built forts, mosques and tombs and introduced domes minarets, screens, arches and pillars. Qutab Minar, Quwat-ul-Islam mosque in Delhi and Alai Darwaza was important and famous monuments of this period. A new architecture was developed with a mixture of Persian and India way of construction.

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