What Do You Think About 'Globalization'?


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Well it is a term which is used for the big world that is connects together. It means that with the passage of time there is so much increment came between the people of the world connection, their incorporation and mutual dependence in many fields of life either the cultural, economic, geographical, political, technology wise or the social issues. The people of this world are more connected to each other. The political, social cultural economic and many other fields of life are binding the people of this world more tightly with each other.

The world is a global village now. If something happen at one part of the world then it can be seen in the other part of the world. The Globalization can have many meanings according to different fields but generally the Globalization means that every part of the world is now not that much far for a human. It is the connection of people all over the world. All the happening of one part of the world can be seen by all over the world in few seconds.

I would say that world is now under a umbrella, if some water drops at one end then it can be seen from other end.
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It is the uniting of countries through communications, trade, and politics.  It is a world-view held by governments that decisions that a country makes for itself affects not only that country, but also its neighbors.  For example: The formation of the European Union is a step towards globalization in that, countries with various cultures, customs, economies, and political views choose to unite under a common set of laws that govern the body as a whole.  As a result, national identities become somewhat blurred by the new identity of the Union.  France and Germany become a little more akin to Ohio and Pennsylvania, than remaining as nations foreign to each other.

The ultimate in globalization would be one world government.  This would lead to one currency, perhaps one language, and even one religion.
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It refers to the opening up of the economies of different countries so that free trade can take place between them.
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Given human nature, Globalization means we can all unify in sin.  Like they did at the Tower of Babel.

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