Will Globalization Bring Prosperity Or Will It Make Worse The Current Situation?


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Globalisation make the world like a small town and communication becomes easier.
But it leads to one dominant civilization, one dominant language and so one dominant country and the small cultures, religions and others are marginalised and neglected .
Even some languages fade away because of globalisation.
I hope it helps.
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One of the opinions of the opponents of free trade and globalization is that if the barriers to the international will reduce it will destroy the domestic economies of advanced countries as well as poor countries. The anti protesters of the globalization further says that by allowing free trade to developed countries they can be more beneficial as compared to poor countries.

There are two journalists who also write a lot about the globalization or we may say against the globalization that an example is exposed by them in which a textile industry has been shifted his operations in other countries where the wages are low. They also inflamed people by telling that this textile company sifted its operations from United States to the other Countries. The protesters say that the free trade is beneficial only for those countries that are highly skilled and specialized in the production industry the ultimate benefit will be taken by them only. They only take free trades as the outsourcing of production and other activities in other countries. They further argue that the standards of living of people of those countries whose workers are skilled and earning much money will be shattered. So they always see the dark side of the globalization.
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Your question is a very important question. And it is related to the great problems the world is facing in these days. You've asked that globalization will bring prosperity or it will ruin the world. In fact, as you know that every thing has both positive and negative effects. If you'll ponder on it for sometime, you'd end up with the same point as I've mentioned above. That it can be excellent in the favour of humanity or it can be worst. It depends on the human beings how do they use it? For understanding it more deeply just consider the following scenarios and you'll get the answer by yourself.
If we will use it for the benefit of human being then in this case globalization is a very good thing. And humanity can drive a lot of benefits from it. But if we use to harm the people of the world then in this case there is no worse curse than it. For instance, if you use globalization to create harmony in the different regions of the world it is a blessing in this case else it is the curse. I hope it is very clear now.
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Globalization is a phenomenon which means that the world has become a global village and encourages free-trade without any barriers among the countries of the world. Those who favour this phenomenon claim that it will improve the quality of goods as it will give rise to competition in the market. The people will get a range of variety of items to buy,thus have an unlimited choice. The quality will eventually improve as the companies in the competition will give their best. The opponents of this phenomenon claims it to be the graveyard of the small and local companies. The large multi-nationals provided with superior resources and large budget ,will definitely swallow the small and local companies. It will be hard for the local and small companies to survive in the presence of such multi-nationals. This definitely will cause loss to the local traders and the state also ,which gains a lot of money through duties on the imports. This point of view has a lot weight in my opinion.
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Globalization is all about getting closer to the entire world. Now nobody is far away from others. One can get in touch with the person faraway from him/her within a fraction of a second. Media and communication modes have played a vital role in this regard. Globalization can be a blessing because it has resolved many issues easily. Now anyone can have access to whatever he or she wants at that moment. But it was not easy in ancient days. Globalization has also given an impetus to the growth of science and technology by the help of faster modes of communication.

Globalization can be a menace if we think about the problems of the people around us. Now nobody has time for anybody or anything else. Everyone is busy with whatever is concerned or not concerned to him/her. Each and every person wants to grab more and more information and details about all sorts of issues. In this way, we are unable to give time to our own families. This is spoiling the moral and social values of our cultures round the globe. But keeping in view the positive impacts of globalization one can say that globalization is a blessing in disguise.

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