How Did St. Patrick's Day Start?


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St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Many drunken Irish soccer fans have claimed that they are direct descendants of St. Patrick. He was in the 5th century. The legacy of St. Patrick lives on through his writings - The Confessio and Epistola. St. Patrick became a prominent religious and cultural figure because of his role in eradicating Ireland of pagan worshippers.

He is considered to be a Christian messiah for driving the message of Jesus Christ into the hearts of the Irish. He also fought against the religious discrimination of the British towards the Irish. St. Patricks day is celebrated on March 17th annually. It is believed that he died on this day but events of his death are hazy. It is a day of prayer, most commercial establishments in Ireland and those owned by Irish in other countries are closed. There are many churches and chapels all over the world that are named after St. Patrick.

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