How Old Is Stonehenge?


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It is thought that Stonehenge was started around 3100 years BC but that the building of it actually took place in three phases, over a period of 1600 years.
The first phase involved a circle 115 feet across formed by a low bank surrounding a ditch, then another bank inside the ditch. Then in around 2100 BC a double circle of 80 large bluestones were erected. These bluestones are reputed to have been dragged from south west Wales, which is about 130 miles away.
In the third phase which was between 2000 and 1550 BC, the bluestones were removed and a ring of 30 upright sandstones were erected. These were linked with horizontal lintels at the top. Later however, the bluestones were re-erected.
No one actually knows for certain what the purpose of Stonehenge was. Whilst it does seem to have an association with Druids, the work was finished some 1000 years before the Druids actually came to Britain.
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Located in Wiltshire in the south of England, Stonehenge is an impressive sight that draws thousands of visitors every year.

It is estimated that Stonehenge was built around 3100 BC, which would give it an approximate age of around 5,000 years, give or take a few hundrend years!

Stonehenge was constructed in three phases, and is made from types of stone known as bluestone, sarson and Welsh sandstone. It is estimated that it took more than thirty million hours of labour to construct Stonehenge.

One of the great fascinations surrounding Stonehenge is what the original purpose was of the construction - in other words, what justified this huge amount of labour and effort? There is speculation that it was to do with astronomy, and others suggest that it was some sort of calendar for a predominantly farming community. Some think that it was also connected with some form of worship, and that sacrfices may have taken place there.
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A simple question but unfortunately not a simple answer !

The earthwork and foundations were started around 3100BC, and the original edifice was of timber. This was replaced by stone around 2600 BC and the configuration we see today dates from around 2200BC.
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Stonehenge is a multi-period site and there is evidence that the site was used prior to the monument construction. The evidence is that this was already a site with special significance attached to it.

The Bluestones from Preselli were most likely carried there by human labour and not as has been argued as glacial erractics.

The burial of a young man in one of the construction phases led people to believe that he may have been a foundation sacrifice but this can't be proved. The site has associated monuments such as the avenue - possibly a processional way from the site at Avebury, the construction of the avenue is complex.

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