How Was Stonehenge Built?


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Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire was made from the local sandstone or sarsen, which was used for the original huge upright stones and lintels. The upright stones were themselves 5.5 metres by 2 metres and they weighed about 26 tons each.

The uprights were skilfully made to be slightly convex so that they gave a true perspective. A secondary circule and the horseshoe structure that lies in the centre of the circle were built of bluestone which occurs in Pembrokeshire in Wales. There has been great speculation as to how these stones were transported, but we still do not really know.

They may have been brought by water via the Bristol Channel and possibly the River Avon. How the massive stones were moved on land still remains a mystery, as does what the monument was actually used for – religious worship, studying the stars are just two theories.
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Well I think they used some sort of pole with rope 2 pull stones up and I scene I documentury made and it seams like they used a boat strong enough 2 hold the bluestone up 2 transport it they tried it in the documentary and it worked
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The Stonehenge is one the oldest heritage sites of England. It is located in the English county of Wiltshire. Stonehenge according to archeologists was constructed somewhere between 2000 BC or around 2500 BC, and was built in several phases. The Stonehenge had three phases respectively known as: - Stonehenge 1, Stonehenge 2 and Stonehenge 3, which was divided into Stonehenge 3(I, II, III, IV, V and VI).

Many speculations have risen with regards to the building feat of Stonehenge. It is said that Stonehenge 1 alone needed around 460 days of consecutive man working days, which is approximately around 11,000 hours. Stonehenge 2 had taken around 41 years to complete and the construction of Stonehenge 3 and its various parts took a total of 200 years which is 73,000 days. The entire construction of Stonehenge took around 20 million hours which is 2300 years. It was built with all the primitive tools which were available in that time period. Timber A-frames were made to raise the stones and then later a team of people hoisted the stones upright using ropes. The topmost stones were raised on timber ramps or platforms and then slid into the original place.

The construction of Stonehenge took place under continental influence; this explains monuments' atypical design. According to Professor Alexander Thom, the site was laid with utmost precision using his megalithic yard.
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I am doing a report on Stonehenge, and according to the world wide web, and trusty books, stonehenge was made in 3 "phases"

this is all I know about it:
Inner stones were handled by manpower
outer stones were still manhandled but came from the Mariborough plain- (100km) away

thats all I can get from it for now.
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It was built by the druids which just used the hands. The stone were converted from thailand

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