What Is The History Of The Lakota Indians?


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The Lakota people, of which Chief Sitting Bull is one of the most famous ancestors, are alive and well and living in the US today. Every Native American people is made up of sub-groups, often called bands. The Lakota have seven - the Oglala (dust scatterers), Brule (burnt thighs), Hunkpapa (end of the circle), Miniconjous (planters beside the stream), Sihaspapa (or Black feet tribe, different from the Blackfoot tribe), Sans Arc (without bows), Oohenupa (two kettles). Cgief Sitting Bull led the HUnkpapa. The name Sioux is often used but is actually a French invention taken from the Chippewa language and meaning 'little snakes'. Lakota people now live on the Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Lower Brule, Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Reservations of North and South Dakota. Titunwan was another name for this group and this is derived from the period when they moved out of wooded territory and onto the Great Plains where they lived mainly by hunting buffalo. Titunwan means those who love on the prairie.

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