How Do I Write A Speech For My Grandmother's 90th Birthday?


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Robin Burden answered
Writing a speech for a family member can be tough.

If you're struggling to get words down on paper, here are a few ideas to get you started on the perfect speech.

Writing a 90th birthday speech for your grandmother Because what you're writing is intended to be spoken in front of a group of friends and family, there are a couple of rules that you'll need to follow:

  • Write from the heart. Regardless of the words you choose, people will always be able to tell when something is written with genuine emotion and passion. That's why, although it would be fairly easy to find a pre-written birthday speech online, I'd always recommend you write a couple of lines yourself.
  • Include anecdotes. People love a story, especially when you're celebrating a landmark occasion like a 90th birthday. Maybe you can reflect on birthdays past, or even ways that your grandma has affected your life.
  • Keep your delivery clear. Sometimes, things that appear simple in writing can sound wordy when spoken. I'd recommend you run through your speech a couple of times and cut out anything that sounds as if you're rambling.
If you stick to the points above, you should be fine. Good luck, and happy birthday to your grandma!
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Kasey Pace answered
In your mind! Speeches are usually best when made from your own words ESPECIALLY if it's to family members!
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Liam Naylor answered
Use your own words.

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