How To Start A Debate Speech?


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Depending on the type of debate you generally start a debate speech by thanking the chair or those present.

  • Introduction
The introduction requires you to introduce the general terms that are in motion for the debate. What are you making the case for? Who are your speakers, if any, that help you show evidence of the case?

  • Outline
The next segment to the start with is the outline. You need to outline the arguments you will be discussing including the merits with regards to the topic at hand. You may need to mention benefits, social or economic information based on the type of motion or debate that you have going on.

  • Partner
If you have a partner, you will need to outline in general terms what they will be saying. Basically, you also have to make sure your partner has something to say during the debate.

  • Launching the actual debate
Once the introductions have been made with regards to the topic at hand, it is time to move into the arguments you will be making. It is this section where you will defend your arguments. You will need to explore why you may have proposed the debate and why your position is the correct one.

You can mention positive issues if you are affirming the topic. If you are not, and instead arguing against it, then you must defend your position with the negative connotations an issue may have.

If you follow this format in most debates, you will be following the standard protocol for how a debate is started and conducted. If you mean this question as how to start the actual speech that you will have, the topic for that speech would be needed. This is why the general terms in how a debate should proceed are provided.
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Good morning madam judge,class of room 6 and my most brainwashed opponents.I would like to start off with a story.
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First I think you should start with a story to grab the adiences attention, Next you should say why youre doing this or what gave you the idea.Third you should persuade the addience why they should vote for you. Then you try to come up with a dramatic ending that includes vote for blah blah blah or pweas vote vote for me I is so lonly.   :( and they all lived hapily ever after the end!!!

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