How To Start Off A Welcome Speech For A Baby Shower?


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If you're giving a welcome speech to kick off a baby shower, there are several key things you need to mention:

  • Welcome everyone to the baby shower formally
  • Thank the hostess and everyone involved in putting on the event
  • Make a personal tribute to the expecting parents/mother
How to begin a baby shower speech
Standing up in front of a large group and talking jovially doesn't come naturally to everyone.

What I would suggest before you start your speech, is to channel all the love and good wishes you have towards the expectant parents and the new baby.

Take a few minutes to reflect on the joy of welcoming a new baby to the world. Also spend some time thinking about your relationship with the expectant parents/mother.

When you're ready to address your audience, keep focused on the points you want to get across (perhaps even write yourself some sort of cue sheet).

Things to mention during a baby shower speech When you begin your speech, you'll want to quickly explain what everyone is gathered around for.
Although everyone in the room probably knows they're attending a baby shower, there's no harm in starting with a brief introduction.

Secondly, you'll want to acknowledge everyone who made the baby shower possible. This will make everyone feel included, and boost the atmosphere in the room.

Finally, you may want to add a personal touch to your speech. Sharing a cute anecdote or a poetic tribute is a really sweet idea.

Good luck!

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