What To Say In A Welcome Speech?


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This really depends on what kind of occasion the welcome speech is for.

However a general guide to a good welcome speech is as follows:

• You should start by thanking everyone for their attendance
• If there are special guests present then they should be acknowledged personally
• You should explain what is to come in the ceremony
• If it is a light-hearted event it is always great to slip in a joke or two
• Introduce the next speaker and who is to come later

A welcome speech is obviously the first thing the audience will hear and so it is important to set the correct tone for the event.

There are also a few websites that give tips on what to say in a welcome speech.

Some of these websites can be found at -

A good welcome speech should both inform the audience and also put them at ease and make them feel important and wanted.

The tone of the welcome speech is obviously very dependent on what kind of occasion it is for. As if it is for a funeral or a remembrance service then it would be appropriate to make it very sombre and respectful. Whereas if it is for a celebration then it can be a lot more light-hearted with plenty of jokes and with a jovial tone.
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Honorable chairperson, respected principal,distinguished guests of honour, all honorable directores and promoters of college, dear parents, teachers, students, staffs, ladies and gentlemen,

Its a matter of great honour for me narayan shrestha,of grade 12 ,student of kand k to be given such a great oppertunity to welcome all new students and respectable parents who have bestowed great faith upon us and choosen k and k as stepping stone to their future.
Plan, Participate and lead is prime motto here, ladies and gentlemen. KandK has always strived to imbibe for the the best rules in the students.Desire,Dedication and gentlemen is what our college belives in,Dear Adience.

Committement and Determination.gentlemen and Gentlemen.Lets say continous committement and gentlemen determination, lead the way to success and see how our college is.

Our college has become successful to achieve educational quality and quantity and has prooved that it is one of the best college in kathmandu.

Of course ,there were lots of obstacles and hinderences. But see how endless effort of all the stakeholders overcome all these obstacles appeared in the way and reaches to the climax of success.Lets give due credit to all the stakeholders of our college.Therfore,lets give huge round of applouge to them.

It is wel defined that reason behind the success of any organization is the foundation of mutual co gentlemen, co ordination ,gentlemen and undetachable bond of all its members.
This particular characteristics can be easily be felt in KandK.There is shared bond between teachers and students. Teachers behave each students as there own children.Teacher put maximum endevour to impart the best knowledge to us. HATS OFF TO THEM.

Finally,once again I would like to welcome you all new students and hope yoyu be enjoying spell-binding perfermence later. Thank you.
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While I concure with my esteemed peers, Bluesman and Bifmeister and that brevity is key, I think perhaps a bit more might be in order. I would perhaps say Welcome (add person name) to (add place name).
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In that case shouldn't the question have been ...

"I need a welcome speech for < venue > < event > any ideas?" sort of thing shouldn't it ?

Brief question, brief answer, -its a simple question of proportional effort for me ;-)
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Once again, you are correct. I was reading into the question what I THOUGHT should be there. My mistake!
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I am sorry but I have to diqualify this answer do to lack of serious content LOL
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I am of the less is more party.
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I'm having a fundraiser bazaar for displaced people and I have invited a lady chief guest so what should I say in my opening speech?

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