What To Say In A Thanks Giving Speech?


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Let me read your thoughts and help you put things together.....Madam Chairman, members of the board of "givers" ,persons in the audience, especially my father who taught me to learn to appreciate the good people in the world, good afternoon.

To give thanks and I can only speak from my heart, a script would make things seem so mechanical, and if I am overcome with tears please forgive me spilling my weakness in this moment of strong action.  God knows that my recognition of worthiness, comes from seeing people do a good deal to those with whom I associate.  The world might not be seeing all that you givers have done..but surely the world will soon come to appreciate it.

It is not the kiss of a mother that we now celebrate, as she holds her new born baby but a more dramatic moment in time...the salvation of souls who the eye of those who seek righteousness..but who now are standing under the covering of a MUSTARD seed inspired by THe Creator to stand among the dunghill to pick the last of the poor, along with those who walked in the lonely valley to find the weeping child who never knew what life was about, a gift, because no one showed the way, cultured the understanding that would make them rich in knowledge, wisdom and understanding....(take it from there)

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