What Is A Welcome Speech For A Concert?


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If you have a look on the Internet you will find lots of examples of welcome speeches for concerts, which should be able to give you some inspiration for your own speech. For example, this link www.handsacrossthedivide.org/node/77 has the welcome speech that was given at a New Year concert.

Speeches of welcome must be exactly that: They must make your listeners feel that they are appreciated and that you want to put them at their ease, but because they are there to enjoy a concert, you need to be enthusiastic too.

You will need to give them some hints of what it is they are about to listen to so they can get excited about it. It is the job of the person who is giving the speech to make the audience really look forward to the event, and to anticipate great things. The last thing that you want is an audience that is bored and is unlikely to be anything else.

Not only should you include some tasters about what is about to come but you should also mention if there are any reasons behind holding the concert in the first place. For example, if it is to raise some money for a particular event or charity, then you could say a little about this. If it is a celebration of something, tell the audience about this; if there is a particular person or people who will be performing in the concert who stands out from the rest, then mention that, too.

Above all, remember that a concert is an enjoyable experience and that the audience are there through choice so they are keen to enjoy the occasion. They will already be anticipating having some fun so your welcome and enthusiasm will be well received.

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