What To Say In Introductory Speech On Teachers Seminar?


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This is a difficult question to answer because, although you have said that it is a teachers' seminar, you haven't said what the agenda is. Because it is an introductory speech, can it be assumed that you will need to give some words of welcome, or is that somebody else's job?

Even if you do not have to include the welcome in your speech, you have said that it is introductory so that means that you need to introduce what is about to come.

  • Content
This means that you need to have a thorough understanding of what the seminar is about so that you can do it justice. It is possible that you already have knowledge of this, but if you do not then the first thing to do is to make sure that you do.

Research your subject and have an objective in mind so that when you are planning your speech you have something to focus on.

  • Giving speeches
Believe it or not, the writing of the speech is the easy part. Delivering it is the part that usually freaks people out unless they are used to public speaking.

To pull this off you will need to practice as much as you possibly can. It is worth doing this in front of a friend or a family member whom you trust to give you some constructive criticism, as well as in the mirror, and recording yourself.

This way, you will be able to hear how you sound, which is a good thing because many novice public speakers tend to talk in an artificial sing song voice that is awful.

  • Pretend if you're not confident
When it comes to the actual speech pretend that you have done this a million times before. Think about the most confident person that you know and make believe that you are them. Act out a part. All of these tactics will help you to deliver a really good speech.

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