If A President Is Impeached Can He Still Stay In Office?


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A president can be impeached and still remain in office. Impeachment is not the process by which government officials can be removed from office. It is the first stage of a two-stage process to remove the individual. Impeachment is the equivalent of an indictment or a legal statement of the charges. It does not mean he has been found guilty of anything. In order to be removed from office, the official has to be convicted of the charges by the Senate.

President Andrew Johnson was the first president to be impeached, but he was acquitted of all charges. Richard Nixon resigned because it was a near certainty that Congress would impeach him and the Senate would convict him. Bill Clinton was the latest president to be impeached. Two articles of impeachment failed, and he was acquitted of a charge of Obstruction of Justice.
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Nixon was never impeached!  He resigned before that could happen.  The
confusion may be because a House Judiciary Committee voted for
impeachment, but he resigned before the entire House of Representatives
could vote.  No vote by the entire House, no impeachment.
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Bill Clinton was impeached and remained in office. It simply means he has been found guilty of something--in his case, lying under oath, which is called perjury. It takes a separate action to remove the president from office.
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Impeachment means only that suspected charges, serious enough to remove that elected official from office have been prepared by an equal body of that government and voted on to be served against that elected official. Three USA presidents were charged under Impeachment. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were charged and after their trail in the Senate, there were not a majority of votes by that body to convict either of them. Johnson's trial was ended with a one vote majority not to convict him.
The third president Impeached was Richard Nixon. He resigned his office to avoid a Senate trial.
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Yes, impeachment is just the process of removing a president, not the actual removal.

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