Where Did The Trail Of Tears Start And Why?Looking For A County In Georgia<curious About The Involvement Of The Gold Rush.was This The Direct Issue?


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The Trail of Tears began in Georgia in 1838. It involved tribes other than just the Cherokees, and Indians were forced to leave their homes up and down the east coast, from Virginia all the way to Mississippi and Alabama. Basically, Americans felt they had a right to the land, and with The Indian Removal Act of 1830 which provided for the exchange of land in the east with inferior land in the west. The Indians certainly got the short end of the deal.
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President Andrew Jackson permitted the order of forced removal of a civilized Nation of Native Americans. People, who were educated in the own written language, in their own established schools which were part of an organized government which had a written constitution...they had supported the Americans Independence War and were in direct communications with the US Government in Washington D.C., when they were forcibly removed from their cities and homes and forced to march on foot, women, children, aged & infirmed for hundreds of miles during winter conditions. Thousands died enroute. Why weren't they permitted the use of their own wagons? This was a travesty!
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virginia,west virginia,north and south carolina,kentucky,tennessee,georgia,alabama and florida,
population pressures.the settlers wanted more land.the cherokees were not willing to give it up
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It started in Gordon County Georgia in a town called Calhoun.  The name of the place was call New Echota.  I live in Calhoun so this is 100% fact!  Hope this helps
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They started in the south, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida, ending in what is now Oklahoma. Depending on the starting point it was as long as 1500 miles.
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July 6th 1838 was the start
March the 26th 1839 was the end
1,200 miles
^   or maybe it was 2 years later on the same day. No no no no I'm so wrong ^------this is the correct date my bad.xD I'm always forgetting things.

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