What Are Effects Of Generation Gap?


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The most common effect, or difference, between generations, and which becomes labelled as the generation gap, is the lack of understanding that exists between the different age groups. Obviously, this can vary from individual to individual but it is not uncommon to hear young people complain about older people, and vice versa.

Naturally, there are always huge shifts in technological advances between generations and this often highlights and reinforces the generation gap quite significantly. It is not uncommon for elderly people to be without a mobile phone, let alone have a computer or know how to deal with the Internet, yet for the vast majority of younger people, these items, and methods of dealing with the world, are practically a natural extension of themselves: Toddlers have a typing speed that their grandmothers would have been proud of!

Another effect of the generation gap is a social one; many young people expect a good education as their due, and fully expect it to lead to a career that will give them an even better standard of living, irrespective of gender. No longer is it the norm for either men or women to automatically adopt what were once considered to be traditional roles.

There are definite knock-on effects of these social changes. Lifestyles have improved; families are able to spend much more time and money on leisure activities. On the other hand, eating fast food has increased exponentially with a very definite detrimental effect on health (in fact, fast food was something completely unheard of until relatively recently).

Being able to holiday more often and to places further afield has had another impact upon the generations: People are now more aware of different cultures and so everything from food to art has travelled globally, making the entire world a cosmopolitan place.
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Generation gap destroy the traditional values,ideas of old generation is forgetting  how to behave with our older ones..
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A generation gap is caused by the environment and social climate that one experiences as they grow up. Studies have shown that we rarely change our attitudes and personality traits after the age of 20. Realize, I didn't say IDEAS, I said personality traits.

So, for someone who grew up during the depression, their personality has developed to be stingier and more sparing with food and money. Even though we haven't had a shortage like that since, they are still effected by the political, social, and environmental issues they faced early in life. This
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Effects of generation gap can be positive or negative
it can build up the strong relations between people or can it can also loose them
it can bring new things or ways to this world or it can also destroy them
older and younger people together can make wonders
either their misunderstandings can also do the opposite
Experience and Energy together can make this planet so beautiful and lovely


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